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Office equipment-handling methods and points for attention

    many of the moving company for some office equipment moving nicely. According to the school moving work plan and related office equipment handling precautions are hereby notified as follows, hope the faculties and departments for implementation.

    preparations, moving

    This move in the course of preparing its units of office equipment to departments for handling. Departments need to ensure that all involved in this sector of State-owned assets, without loss.

    1, House fixtures are not within the scope of this move, such as air conditioning, security doors, etc. Do not move items, need to register the transfer formalities.

    2, Ningbo moving company recommendations identified for scrap or office equipment items you no longer use, by moving the unit to register, fill out a scrap item returns, asset verification, returned to the school library. After this move, in principle similar office equipment not equipped with.

    3, assets and equipment inventory work, be sure to move all items before inventory clear and ensure the integrity of the State-owned assets. Moving goods and people, uses the same in principle.

    second, the matters needing attention in the process of moving

    moving the day before, all involved in the process of moving furniture, partition such as office desks, conference tables, desks, and asset management service contact by supplier for the demolition. Real estate management center arranged to move to a specified location, then the manufacturer is responsible for the installation.

    c, unit staff to maintain and carry forward the principles of frugal school, take care of school property equipment, greeting good handling personnel during the moving process, light lift with care, ensuring property and equipment in good condition. Ningbo moving company that only take seriously each item in order to give maximum customer satisfaction.

    four, after moving the sector work needs to be done

    Ningbo moved suggestion: after moving all departments need to do a check of the original assets, scrap processing units required to handle the transfer of goods and nuclear accounting procedures.