Service project

Move attention to small problems

    We have to admit that in the process of moving, due to many reasons, a lot of people in the process of moving there problems, and these problems before we moved a lot of people don't think about, or don't want to think, but moved in and encounter. Main has following several aspects:

    not by established price pay: moved company of moved price General is according to distance of length, and goods of weight and floors of level, many factors decided of, many moved company in reached has destination or in halfway will said various of reason, requirements customer for added money, or on threat, moved of people into has chopping block Shang of meat, had to was slaughter.

    not loading as requested: the goods when you can pretend to be a car, he put you into 2 cars, raise the cost of vehicles and reduce the loss of the car.

    does not act according to the contract: in the face of some things, some moving companies on the agreed time, vehicles, people turn a blind eye to the contract, and no description of the customer. Even unilaterally tore up the contract.

    not handling in accordance with company: General moving company is expressly required, Porter does not take clients every stitch, and some movers in moving scenes of chaos could not restrain their hands on some of their favorite, valuable items to steal.