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Move note that Feng Shui problems

    Feng Shui problems: there are 5 main points:

    is called the mouth, everybody to body care, have a more profound understanding. Especially the economic crisis today, and have a strong physique, and was continuing "revolution" of the capital. Some bad habits can affect the health of your home Feng Shui, here to talk about the Feng Shui influences on health issues.

    1. balcony flowers and yellow-health. Plant landscaping, was able to add some plants to install home finances, urging Wang peach. But yellow flowers are not part of the scope of this column. As yellow plants shows that the creature has a State of dying, or suffering viral infections, or pest infestation. Placed in the home, resulting in a climate of decline of a broken soul. Will seriously affect the family's mood. Serious can make people have a melancholy feeling. Therefore, yellow flowers and plants should be clear in time. Replacement of thriving plants.

    2. ZAO-untidy-spleen and stomach. Saying a person with food for the day. Enjoy hearty meals a day, of course, essential step per person per day. But if the stove is not clean, covered with dust, fume dirt. Effects can be serious. Small eat food, indigestion, severe food poisoning. Clean stove, must not be taken lightly.

    3. debris piled up under the bed-sleep. In many cases, homes of old people are like some of the usually less-battered, pack up, and unified in the bed, called save space. In fact, it was the health effects of a layout. Normally under the bed was not cleaned regularly, thus accumulated will breed a variety of pest pathogens. Imagine sleeping on top of a pile of rubbish, but affected by a long-term commitment. In particular pregnant women, are not allowed to pile up old things, otherwise on the fetal health is adversely affected.

    4. small tricks (the gate to the entrance), shoes – respiratory infections. Many families, sometimes out of convenience, a door will pull the shoe off, casual place. A pair of East and West lie around the House. It is also taboo of Feng Shui, shoes master going out every day, walking four, shoes made the most intimate contact with the ground, soles touch the countless variety of bacteria, if placed, equal to the germs getting in. Very easy to make family members were respiratory tract infections.

    5. air ventilation-emotions and respiratory infections. Current market prices expensive, so mass family, tend to be dominated by small-and residence slightly crowded. And now many dust, many families would choose to close all Windows and doors, blocking dust. But this creates a closed Feng Shui layout, like a bird living in the cage. Good luck to make all kinds of money are unable to integrate. More air flow, affect the health of family members. This is also a major taboo in Feng Shui.