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The necessity of signing moving contracts can not be ignored

    today's move has become increasingly fierce competition in the market, the reasons, more as a result of moving company to carry a lower threshold, and sources of funding is quick and easy. Many moving companies in order to win customers, contrary to the market economy means competition, including incomplete qualification of the moving company. Coupled with tensions now diesel, diesel shortages led to move the services sector hard, leaving many moving companies in the process of moving the vicious competition caused by cheap showmanship, halfway house charges or refused to move against the interests of consumers on the way phenomena have occurred. Customers choose a moving company, as well as how they can safeguard their rights and interests, but also enjoy high quality service, the most important is the need to sign a written contract with the moving company.

    many friends in moving encounter situations where moving companies when moving don't sign a written contract or invoice, in the process of moving furniture and other valuables were scraping the compensation will also meet conditions such as home or stop fare and refused to move on the way. Friends of Ningbo, we want to move, legitimate moving companies business licenses, road transport operators permit complete documents, learning to recognize the moving company's routines, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, you can try to avoid detours, before moving the two sides signed the contract in advance, if there is a problem, can fully control contract to handle, so as to avoid oral agreements cause disputes.