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After moving the mirror placed top 6 attention!

    be able to many of my friends didn't notice the mirror into a finished, placing of mirrors is very exquisite. Mirror is family of necessities, each households family will has mirror, woman compared beauty, more is will every day mirror, without mirror, mirror on life has many help, but while mirror in Feng Shui Learn Shang also has bad of early, since ancient times,, mirror is compared cold of as things, so bedroom mirror of placed must to special note, if placed bad, may will to life brings troubled.

    first, first of all you need to know, best not as the mirror to the bathroom door, why is that? According to the Feng Shui point of view, facing the mirror door, let the young couple to deal with things without harmony, prone to violence in the family, husband and sexual function, let the wife susceptible women.

    second, the GUA mirror, you better not put on top of the door, if you place a BA GUA mirror, your opposite neighbours might think you give him the bad field Reflection and in prospective buyers when selling a House, you would think that your House has problems, and you sell.

    third, the mirror easily to the desk, the best idea is best not to put the mirror in the study, why is that? Because mirrors are easy to study distracted readers are, in addition, legend, dominating the cultural dewenchang of gods don't like it when people look in the mirror while I study. This affects academic performance.

    the forth, mirrors do not put on the roof, mirrors on the roof, on the ground, it will make people in your room consumables life consumption. So if the mirror a lot of room under the best conversion.


    v, mirror not as a bed, why is that? Because when one is sleeping, is the most relaxed and least vigilance when, in case you were scared by herself in the mirror, will hurt, mirror bed was easy for couples often fall out, encourages couples the possibility of an affair.

    VI, not facing the door of the mirror, as if a mirror facing the door, God and Mammon are mirrors of God scare, is the way of God. If you do not do business, if you do business, be sure to note!