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Packaging tips: move package

    in the process of moving, packaging is a very important process, Pack can save a lot of money, and also save a lot of power. Tips for moving companies today will sum up the moving Pack, I think you will be useful.

    1, dog and cat

    long distance transport of vehicles, animals may be vomiting due to motion sickness, so move feed the night before and the morning trying not to move.

    2, TV

    first tied with quilt covered in screen protection. Then bundle the TV fixed with adhesive tape.

    3, lighting

    drawer items fly in first, then tape the drawers to stick fixed. Release of goods then loaded into cartons, transportation is very convenient.

    first the lamp boxed and lamps around in some newspapers make it fixed. Without lid seal, enables carriers to see the contents.

    4, stereo

    cloth items, such as packing slips with a towel to protect it. Magazine and other hosts can be secured with tape.

    5, bed group

    split down the screw parts packed in plastic bags, and then fold the opening, with plastic bags attached to the headboard left behind after.

    first four corner with cardboard fixed with adhesive tape to protect it. Using long overlapping wrap table legs to prevent scratches