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Moved to the field need to know what

    due to changes in work, or for some other reason, we have to move from one city to another city, that is, cross-City move. If the two cities closer, baggage and not many, moving is not a problem, but if distance, coupled with a lot of baggage, such as furniture, appliances, books, and so on, it would have been a big headache. If less, generally speaking clothes clutter is the train check, post office long distance heavy things not appropriate. Now shipping companies, outside the province can be checked, prices are not the same, in kilograms, but personally, I think it should train. Train and sent to the local railway station. Baggage from the date shipped, package complimentary custody 3 days from the date of notification. More than free storage period to receive, according to the number of days over the nuclear charge storage fees. Due to extension of validity of the ticket, baggage liability or natural disasters, extended days free storage.

    overseas, to move the price and features, generally speaking, the cross-City move, the moving company is charged in accordance with 1, 7 charges, and logistics company charges by 1-2 Yuan/kg, about 180/M3. Everybody knows moving company in Nanjing is a free home evaluation, package, and provides a variety of carton packed and classified by furniture items, order the car, arrived at our new home, then we specify the positioning of furniture items move around without traveling 80 kilometers an hour. Logistics companies, requires our prior classification furniture packed, and then sent to the logistics company or logistics company staff to pick up. After arrival we will go to the city and furniture supplies, logistics company in there that we need to pick up the same site, then we can put furniture items move to the new residence. But some logistics companies have delivered to your door, but not as we specify the location to furniture items, only to have the goods delivered to. That way we would also like to ask for help placing furniture items, as well as move time is not fixed.

    in terms of efficiency, the moving company moving day can usually arrive in new homes, of course, excluded from far away. Logistics companies, according to the arrangement process and journey of the team in the long run. You will be receive delivery on the afternoon of the same day, but mostly to a day or more to receive. If we need to move on the day arrived the same day, or choose a moving company to have the best protection.

    logistics company to save money, labor-saving move, the company. If you pay attention to efficiency, my advice is to select a moving company. Also concrete analysis of concrete problems, according to individual needs to choose Yes. Move from one city to another city has a lot to consider here would say it. Consider the post of transport and purchase of new items and existing items in the hands of the frequency of use. Not commonly used or not cost effective transportation could be used to sell locally. Inquire about the logistics and price, choose the most economical way to move.